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International Safety Quality Environment Management Awards for 2013

ISQEM have annouced the 2013 awards will soon be open for submittal of applications. The international awards are totally FREE of charge. They are one of the few organisations worldwide who do not charge for HSQE awards. This is due to their policy of maintaining the International Safety Quality Environment Management Association (ISQEM) as the world’s leading FREE association. So apply now for your international award for 2013.

Accident Innvestigation is one of the key areas connected with health and safety management and continual improvement of the work place and reduction of incident or incidents Over the next few weeks we will be adding details of key accident investigation courses that can help you to deliver top health and safety performance. By undertaking effective investigations you can help prevent accidents.

Health and Safety is on the move at a recent conference held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Conference Chairman, Wayne Harris Board Director of the World Safety Organization discussed the matter of gaining senior buy-in to health and safety and board confidence in health and safety in the present global economic crisis. His talk was a highpoint of the conference and was a subject of great debate over the 2 days. Wayne is also a international health and safety consultants and is CEO / Managing Director of Centremax Health and Safety Consultants 

Philip Kilgallon, (President) of the International Safety Quality and Environment Management Association (ISQEM) and conference Co-Chairman, presented a dynamic presentation on fire safety management. The delegates had the chance to talk to one of the leading fire safety experts in the region and debate key areas of fire safety management. Part of his talk was on ISQEM which was welcomed by delegates due to it being the worlds only free international membership association.  

Health and Safety Conferences are viatal to the development and sharing of knowledge, so suppor your local health and safety conferences or furoms.

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