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If you are looking for cost value in health and safety then this web page will help you. We will add cost saving safety tips every month during 2009 to help you save money. You will be able to find free training courses, safety information sites, safety documents and loads of other helpfull freebees. We look forward to you visiting our safety tips on a regular basis to ensure you benefit from the free safety tips and materials on offer.

When designing your health and safety management system make it as brief as possiable. Most organisations make their systems so big with a large number of forms and checklist. This results in a what is known as the Safety Departments System, as they are often the only ones who really use it. Try and keep it simple and do not over do the checklist and forms. Often we can combine and streamline if we look and try hard enough.

Health an safety training can be expensive if not managed correctly. To help keep your cost down, and make safety training more relevent to your operational requirements try in-house courses. Most safety consultants provide this in-house service and can deliver at short notice.

Review, review and review again. Our tip is never just standback and let things stay the same. You should review your health and safety management systems as often as possible. As safety professionals we recommend at least every 6 months.